Cryptosporidium Treatment


, a protozoan parasite, is responsible for causing an infection in humans. People who have a healthy and intact immune system will recover easily without any treatment. To prevent dehydration due to diarrhea, one should drink plenty of water and fluids. People who have a weak immune system or are in poor health are more susceptible to a prolonged illness. Pregnant women and children are at a higher risk to dehydration due to diarrhea. Hence, they should drink adequate amount of water and other fluids while ill. Rapid loss of body fluids due to diarrhea may be life threatening to infants. Read on to know more about

cryptosporidium treatment


Treatment for Cryptosporidium

The recovery generally depends on the affected person’s immune system. Also, there is no treatment for cryptosporidiosis yet. Without any medical attention, most of the affected people recover in two weeks. But if an individual has a compromised immune system, then the illness may prolong and result in malnutrition. The aim of treatment is to improve the immune system and alleviate the symptoms. The treatment options include:

  • Anti-parasitic drugs a��

    To alleviate diarrhea, medications like nitazoxanide (Alina) can be taken which attacks the metabolic activities of the cryptosporidium organisms. Those who have compromised immune systems are given azithromycin (Zithromax) along with these medications.

  • Anti-motility agents a��

    These agents reduce your intestinal movements and enhance fluid absorption. Hence, these medications alleviate diarrhea and restore normal stools. These drugs include loperamide and other derivatives like Imodium.

  • Fluid replacement a��

    Fluid replacement is done by consuming electrolytes and fluids. The electrolytes include calcium, potassium and sodium which maintain fluid balance in the body. These are lost due to persistent diarrhea. Hence, the fluids are restored either intravenously or orally. This helps in normal body function and proper hydration.

Hence, it is very important to take an immediate medical action to prevent further health complications. The disease should be contained and treated at the early stages.

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