Osteosarcoma and Water Fluoridation


is a very rare type of bone cancer. Nearly

400 children and teenagers

are diagnosed with osteosarcoma each year in the U.S., from which 250 are males. A study linked the incidence of osteosarcoma and drinking fluoride water in young males in the U.S. However, no link was observed in females. Read on to know more about the link between

osteosarcoma and water fluoridation


The study is based on a set of cases spanning 15 years of effort to find out the link between osteosarcoma and fluoride drinking water. This was carried out by the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

The Different Studies Findings

In the past, various studies regarding osteosarcoma and water fluoridation have been published by the scientific community. Although, the review of the different study findings does not establish a link between the presence of fluoride in the drinking water and the risk of developing cancer, especially osteosarcoma. These study findings are mixed and tentative. There were no changes made in the recommended fluoride levels in the drinking water supply. But all these study findings will help eventually in establishing the scientific evidence for this condition.

Supporting Community Water Fluoridation

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

strongly supports the cause of community water fluoridation as a effective and safe public health measure which helps in prevention and controlling tooth decay. Hence, it helps in improving the overall health standards. The process of water fluoridation benefits all individuals alike. Even people from different socioeconomic groups reap the health benefits. This process is recognized as one of the 10 greatest public health achievements of the 20th century.

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