Health Hazards of Plastic Water Bottles

As far as human health is concerned, the usage of plastic water bottles have not raised a doubt about safety issues. Most lately, there has been several negative reports about some types of plastic. Although, according to new evidence, plastic water bottles may not be safe after all. Read on to know more about the

health hazards of plastic water bottles


The New Threat of PET Plastic Water Bottles

According to scientists in Germany, it has been found that

PET plastics may contain some hormone-disrupting chemicals

which may finally leach into the water. This type of PET plastics are usually used to make the water bottles. But it is too early to predict that drinking water from PET plastic water bottles may harm the humans as told by

Martin Wagner

, ecotoxicologist from Goethe University, Frankfurt.

Although, it has been recently found that PET plastic water bottles contains unidentified harmful chemicals which may interfere with reproductive hormones like estrogen. It closely resembles the infamous plasticizers phthalates and BPA.

About the Study Findings

The study found that drinking from such type of plastic water bottles may make you more prone to consume estrogenic compounds. It also raises concern about the various products made from plastic. Because of plastic water bottle’s carbon footprint, there is a growing concern among the people as well as the scientists about its negative consequences. This will spread more awareness about the possible and potential health hazards of drinking water from plastic water bottles.

Hence, plastic water bottles may have several negative health effects. The studies being conducted around the world are slowly discovering the fact that drinking water from plastic water bottles may have adverse effects on our hormones. Yet, a concrete evidence is needed to confirm the potential health hazards of plastic water bottles.

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