Contaminated Water in Wyoming Fracking Zone

The U.S.

Environmental protection Agency (EPA)

has been found that water wells (private) located in Pavillion, Wyoming are dangerously polluted with toxic wastes. These toxic chemicals are being in the controversial gas drilling process of fracking (hydraulic fracturing). The residents have been advised to avoid drinking water from the contaminated well waters. Read on to know more about the

EPA results which show contaminated water in the Wyoming fracking zone


These recent findings by the government scientists offer the current evidence that the gas-extraction process could be potentially endangering the public health.

Findings of the Study

The scientists form EPA found methane from the natural gas in 7 of 19 wells. These private water wells were tested in the month of January. 11 water wells contained 2-butoexythanol phosphate which is a common solvent in fracking fuels. According to health experts, this solvent can cause fertility problems, liver cancer, toxicity to the spleen and kidney failure.

Also, the scientists found traces of benzene,which is a carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) and several other chemicals which comes from the crude in the 17 wells. They detected a�?high levelsa�? of these toxic chemicals in the ground water which is linked to the drinking water aquifer.


Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

told the well owners to use other alternative sources of water for cooking and drinking purpose. Also, it was found that the emission of methane in 7 of the 8 water wells is due to natural gas and not due to bacterial action.

Second Round of Results a�� Health Implications

These results could be very crucial in the scene of national debate over the safety of fracking. Currently, fracking is exempted from any federal regulations. This is consecutively 2nd time in a year that EPA has tested the quality of water near gas wells where the process of fracking was carried out. These tests were conducted after many residents were suffering from health problems such as fatigue, vision problems and nausea. Even cases of liver disease, seizures and rare cancers were reported.

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