Swimming Workout for Novice Swimmers

Are you keen to start a new and effective workout plan? And are you thinking that swimming is an excellent choice? If your answer is yes, you might be a little apprehensive about swimming as you are a new entrant or a novice. But don’t worry! Here is a swimming workout plan for novice swimmers which will help you to get over your discomfort through a progressive swimming plan. You will reap the benefits of swimming workouts. Read on to know more about

swimming workout for novice swimmers


Swimming Workout Plan

This plan is divided into two, 4-week periods. In every 4-week, there is three weeks of intense workouts and one week of complete recovery. Also, there are optional workouts available to modify the number of times you swim in each week. But it requires the same ground work irrespective of the number of times you do swimming workout. The main aim is to develop of maintain better technique or build fitness.

The Main Aim

The answer is not to get sloppier but stronger. The need is to maintain or develop your swimming technique. Also, you need to get more fitter. It is important to maintain a perfect balance between your ability to hold a good technique and your current fitness levels.

You will not be able to do the strokes correctly, if you are not fit. The plan is to meet the general level of fitness. This can be repeated for 6 times to workout for the entire year. But before you embark, consult your physician.


This is suited for a 25 yard pool. You can adapt your workout plan according to the size of your pool. There are different speed ranges for swimming workout plan a�� easy, moderate or fast. These are:

  • Easy requires very low effort
  • Moderate requires you to repeat the workout several times
  • Fast requires more rest to sustain the level of effort, it is done only for a few times

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