Summer Swimming Workouts

During the summer months, working out tends to become a difficult task because of the hot and humid conditions. You don’t feel like jogging or running outside in the harsh conditions. So the best way to do cardio workout is to take a plunge into the pool. This ensures that you stay cool and workout at your convenience. Read on to know more about

summer swimming workouts


Hypoxic Swimming Pyramid

You can actually do this cardio workout year around. The literal meaning of hypoxic is a�?low oxygen.a�? The main aim of this cardio exercise is that you decrease your breaths per stroke and increase the distance. This causes your heart to plunge into the anaerobic zone. Hence, this finally gives you a great and effective cardio exercise that will decrease your heart rate almost to that of Lance Armstrong. His heart rate is 32 beats per minute. What more can you ask for!

Technique of Hypoxic Pyramid

This pyramid involves warm up and swim. This is given in detail below:

Warm Up

a�� You should swim 50-100m freestyle. Breathe in every 2 strokes. A single stroke consist of each arm pull. Hence, 2 strokes is a right and a left arm pull and you have to breath after every 2 stroke. Remember to stretch your legs and arms for a few seconds and start working out.


a�� You should swim 50-100m freestyle and breathe in every 4 strokes. For each 50-100m, try to build up to at least 10-12 strokes per breath. Focus to come down the pyramid. This challenges your lungs to the maximum extent. But before you embark on this cardio workout, consult your physician if you have any health complications.

Also, it is advised not to try this cardio workout alone for safety reasons. Perform the exercise in the presence of a life guard. Hence, stay safe!

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