Popular Swimming Workouts

Many individuals look for an effective alternative to jogging or running outside during the winter season. . They look for various indoor fitness exercises which will keep them fit and healthy in spite of the harsh weather outside. One of the most popular workouts is swimming which can be done in indoor swimming pools. YMCAs, community centers and health clubs offer the option of indoor swimming. Read on to know more about

popular swimming workouts


Swimming Workouts for an Effective Cardio

You can do underwater, kick board, fast swims or sprints for the first phase. This lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. You should then opt for an easy pace to do cardio swim. This helps in burning fat at a very high rate during the second part of the regimen. You can aim for fat burning in the last 20-30 minutes of workout, if you can get an aerobic initially. Later on you can go aerobic for the rest of the workout.

Workout 1

  • You should do 5 x 50m sprint in freestyle (you can change stroke as per your wish)
  • Rest for 20 seconds (drink water if required)
  • 5 x 100 m sprints a�� any strokes
  • Rest for 40-60 seconds

You can swim at a regular pace for 15-30 minutes continuously for the remaining time left for your workout. You can optimize your workouts by adding underwater/kick board swims.

Workout 2

  • 5 x 50-100m sprint/rest along with 50m kick board using flutter kicks
  • 5 x 50-100 sprint/rest along with 50 m kick board using dolphin kick or breast

You should swim with fins for 15-30 minutes continuously. Remember to stretch your legs properly after you do kick boarding using flutter kicks. You feel a burning sensation in your legs. You can add some weights or calisthenics in between your laps for an upper body pump.

Workout 3

You should repeat this 3 times.

  • Swim 100-200m at a moderate pace
  • Push ups a�� 30 seconds of push ups

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