What is Water Walking?

Water walking

is a type of hydroaerobics. This involves walking through the water. This is a low-impact exercise which combines the benefits of walking and the additional buoyancy of water. Water walking provides a high resistance when compared to walking on the land. This reduces or minimizes the stress on the joints and it strengthens and build the muscles. Water walking also enhances the flexibility and improves balance. Read on to know more about

water walking and the wonderful benefits it has to offer


Water walking classes are picking up pace as more individuals belonging to different age groups and physical fitness levels are searching for an effective and complete cardiovascular exercise routine. This form of exercise is extremely popular among arthritis sufferers, overweight individuals, seniors and individuals with mobility issues.

Facts About Water Walking

Individuals suffering from lower back-pain and pregnant women are also advocating water walking as it has a low-impact. Also, pro-athletes are slowly recognizing the potential and benefits of water walking. This form of exercise can be used by elite athletes as active recovery between speed, sharpening form and intense land-based workouts.

Where and How to do Water Walking?

Water walking can be easily done in a lake or pond. Even this exercise can be performed in the ocean. However, most often, this are carried out in indoor pools as it allows the exercisers to workout in inclement, cold or hot weather. It is not necessary to know swimming. Non-swimmers can use flotation devices to stay afloat in the pool.

For water walking, structured classes are not essential. A qualified instructor can still help in learning the basic steps of water walking. They can also ensure safety issues. This can be either done in deep end of the pool or in the shallow part. It usually involves walking in the forward direction similar to walking on land. You have to stride forward. Focus should be on placing the entire foot on the pool’s bottom section.

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