Deep Water Running Benefits

Pro athletes can reap the benefits from deep water running.

Deep water running

is an effective form of cross training. Also, it is an excellent option to prevent and deal with injuries. It allows an injured athlete to quickly recover from his/her injuries without losing fitness. One of the best advantages of deep water running is that decreases the chances of injuring oneself by minimizing the stress on running on hard ground. Read on to know more about

deep water running benefits


Among runners, the most popular water training device is the


. This is made out of EVA foam and resembles a belt that you need to strap around the waist. Other alternatives are flotation belt or vest. The primary aim is to stay afloat in the water while doing deep water running without stressing your body.

Benefits of Deep Water Running

  • When you are submerged in the water, you face resistance from all sides. This makes your opposing muscles to put the same effort to work equally. When you move your legs and arms against the water’s resistance, you achieve a great strength training as well as cardiovascular workout.
  • With additional aqua devices like ‘gloves’, dumbbells and ‘socks’, you can have a range of intensity and effort.
  • Also, water exercise reduces the stress on your joints along with enhancing the resistance of your movement. This greatly

    enhances your range of motion


  • As there is no impact, even an injured athlete can carry out his/her training in the water. They can maintain their fitness level while their injuries heal gradually.
  • For other pro athletes, water running can act as a method of

    cross training

    . They can increase their resistance while minimizing risk of injury and mileage.

  • Deep water running can also be a fun way to ease exercise boredom.

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