Different Types of Water Aerobics Equipment

Water aerobics

is slowly gaining popularity among those who have specific health conditions, such as soft tissues injuries, arthritis and joint problems. This generally consists of certain aerobic exercises which are performed in a swimming pool. This offers the benefits of aerobic workouts minus the injury risks to joints and the muscles. Several types of water aerobics equipment are available nowadays that can be effectively and easily used. Read on to know more about the

different types of water aerobics equipment


The different types of water aerobics equipment include gloves, weights, kick boards, buoyancy belts and foam noodles. Discover the potential of these water aerobics equipment.

Foam Noodles

These are one of the most common type of water aerobics equipment. These are made from lightweight and buoyant polyethylene foam. These are water resistant and can be easily bend to assist in several workout positions.

Noodles foam added resistance and balancing support for your both lower and upper body workouts. These are also used in abdominal exercises as well as water jogging workouts.

Buoyancy Belts

These are worn around the waist and they assist an individual in doing deep water aerobics exercise. Buoyancy belts are highly effective as they stabilizes the center of gravity of an individual while in water. These also allows a wide range of motion. Hence, you can effectively use your legs and arms.

Kick boards

These are also known as paddle boards or flutter boards. They are utilized to support an individual’s weight when he/she is performing lower body exercises in the water. They are made from high-density foam. These increase ankle flexibility, enhance kicking techniques and develop stronger leg muscles. They allow high-intensity workout yet help the exercisers to stay afloat.


These gloves have webbed fingers and are made from flexible neoprene. They come in adjustable sizes to perfectly fit the individual’s hands. They are used to build strength and stamina during water aerobics.

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