Water Fitness Equipment: HomeSwimmer


is an award-winning, original and stationary portable swimming system for effective and fun swimming workout on the road or at the comfortable confines of your home. This article discusses the features and working of the wonderful water fitness equipment, HomeSwimmer.

As we all know, swimming is considered as one of the most complete form of workout. In less than three minutes, HomeSwimmer will turn any swimming pool into a low-impact exercise pool. No changes to your yard or home are required. Also, there is no need for tools. This is especially designed to adapt to above-ground or in-ground pools as well as indoor and outdoor pools.

About HomeSwimmer

This offers a very effective and natural swimming experience in a form of stationary exercise. It is a best aquatic fitness tool for swimmers of all proficiency levels and age groups. Another advantage of HomeSwimmer is that at less than five lbs, it is portable and ideal for the small-sized pools at schools, apartment buildings and hotels.

Installation of HomeSwimmer

It is like a breeze to install HomeSwimmer. The poles should be simply joined, straps and belts should be attached and the system should be placed inside the swimming pool. It should be secured or fastened to a anchoring point. Within three minutes, you can start your fitness swimming.

Features of HomeSwimmer

Easy to Assemble:

  • No changes or tools required
  • Easily turns your pool into a fitness swimming pool. That too within three minutes

Easy to Utilize

  • Highly effective low-impact exercise for swimmers irrespective of proficiency levels or age groups
  • Natural and comfortable stationary swimming experience
  • Specially designed to adapt any form of swimming pools

Easy Portability:

  • Ideal for swimming pools at fitness centers, schools, apartment buildings, hotels and more.
  • As it is less than five lbs., it can easily fit into a carry mesh tote.

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