Effects of Chlorine and Drugs in Drinking Water


present in our drinking water is not the only problem found with water purification systems. Recently, it has been found that even drugs are found in the drinking water supply. These facts not only make you afraid, but also makes you take responsibility and search for a good quality filter system. Read on to know the

effects of chlorine and drugs in drinking water


Chlorination of Drinking Water

The use of chlorine to disinfect drinking water has been present for more than a century now. The disinfectant is extremely essential in reducing or eliminating microorganisms, viruses and other germs. Chlorinated water has benefited the safety and public health of many people. This has a major positive effect overall.

Although, there certain negative effects associated with chlorinated water. It has a few ill-effects in human beings. This disinfectant gradually builds up in the body and can cause various common ailments.

Presence of Drugs in Drinking Water

Along with the effects of chlorination, even drugs are paving a way into the drinking water supply. This makes us wonder how drugs found their way into the drinking water. The first and foremost sector to be blamed is industrial manufacturing companies. Harmful products like refrigerants, pharmaceuticals, paints and other petroleum-based products lead to this drug contamination.

Non- organic compounds like fuels, hydraulic fluids, paint thinners and various drugs seep into the ground water which ultimately leads into water supplies. Hence, drugs are being found in the drinking water. This is more commonly known as



Remedial Action

All of these compounds are artificially manufactured which poses a huge risk to humans. These compounds are extremely toxic and it is imperative to solve this problem by taking a remedial action. The best remedy is a good quality water filtration system that can eliminate a vast number of these compounds and other impurities.

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