Deep Water Fitness Exercise

Do you want a change from your daily monotonous aerobic exercise routine of cycling, running, walking and swimming? If your answer is yes, then your best option is to consider water aerobic. This is an excellent choice to cross-train as it is very crucial where different muscles are used when you engage yourself in a activity. Variation in your workout will make a difference as you can challenge your body. Also, you will get better results. You can try out deep water fitness exercise. Read on to know more about

deep water fitness exercise


When you are suspended in the water, you can utilize a lot of calories and energy to move. It is a best way to reap the benefits of running without suffering the pounding on your joints.

Things you’ll Require

  • Water buoys under your arms a�� Helps you to hold yourself up
  • Flotation Belt

Deep Water Fitness Aerobics

  • Wear a flotation belt around the waist area. Ensure that you have secured the belt properly. The next thing is that you head for the deepest end of the swimming pool.
  • Try to imitate the running motion. Move your legs in circular motion. Move your hands along with it as if you were running on ground. Try to slightly lean forward from hips as you can move better.
  • For a few laps, go back and forth and primarily focus on the speed. Be swift and fast as you do the laps. The prime focus should be on traveling as fast as you could.
  • You can do straight-leg kick for an effective workout. Try kicking your legs waist high. Due to water pressure, your knees will slightly bend. Although you should try to keep your knees straight.
  • Swing your opposite arm to your leg and try to keep them straight. Slightly lean forward from the hips to move better.

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