Warm Water Exercise for Fibromyalgia

It makes a huge difference what form of exercise routine you choose for

fibromyalgia (FMS)

. Warm water exercise is good and effective for therapy as cold water can make your muscle tense up. This is important in the case of FMS because most people are not tolerant of cold. The water in the pool is warmed around 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Celsius). This is warmer when compared to other heated pools. Several studies conducted over a period of time have shown that warm water exercise may aid those who suffer from FMS. Read on to know more about

warm water exercise for fibromyalgia.

Warm water exercise may aid people with FMS by:

  • Boost cognitive function
  • Reduce pain
  • Minimize tender point count
  • Improve pain threshold
  • Perceive their condition as less severe
  • Lessen depression and anxiety

Benefits of Water Exercise

This form of exercise is easier to perform. Also, these are more beneficial when compared to land-based exercises. Water exercises are gentler on your body too. Some of the benefits of water exercise include:

  • Immersion in water lowers pain perception and helps you to relax
  • Resistance provided by water aids in building strength and regain a good balance
  • Water’s buoyancy minimizes the effects of gravity and moving takes less effort
  • Water exercise is non-impact, does not jar your joints and muscles

Where to Enroll for Warm Water Exercise Classes?

Many of the gyms are not equipped with therapeutically warm pools. Henec, you can check and enroll with the folllowing centers for a warm water exercise class.

  • Support groups for FMS or arthritis
  • The Salvation Army
  • Easter Seals
  • The Arthritis Foundation
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • YMCA or Ywca
  • Colleges and universities

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