Ice Water Bath a�� Helps in Recovery

Taking a plunge straight into ice water right after exercising is a very common practice which many professional athletes follow. This is a way to recover quickly as it minimizes soreness and muscle pain after competitions or intense workouts. Ice water bath is a standard practice among runners like

Paula Radcliff

to rugby players. So, if you are eager to know what is behind the ice water bath and does it really work, read the rest of the article to unravel the facts about

ice water bath and how its helps in recovery


A few athletes combine contrast water therapy in addition to the ice water bath to get the same desired effect. This therapy alternates between warmer water and colder water. Let us know the scientific theory behind the ice water bath process.

Scientific Theory Behind Ice Water bath

This theory is related to the fact that intense training or workout session may actually cause microtrauma. Microtrauma are tiny tears in the muscle fibers. This damage to the muscles stimulates muscle cell activity and strengthen the muscles and helps repair the damage (muscle hypertrophy). Also, this condition is linked with delayed onset muscle pain and soreness (DOMS). DOMS occurs during 24-72 hours after doing exercise.

  • Significance of Ice Water Bath
  • Minimize tissue breakdown and swelling
  • Reduce metabolic activity and slow down physiological processes
  • Constrict blood vessels and eliminate waste products such as lactic acid from the affected tissues

Hence, after rewarming, increase in the blood flow enhances the circulation and improves the process of healing. The recommended time and temperature for cold immersion are 5-10 minutes and 12-15 degrees Celsius, respectively.

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