Water and Soil Pollution

Water and soil pollution

is a growing concern in the world today which affects everyone. Every living species on Earth relies on water for its existence. But unfortunately, most of the water sources have been adversely affected by water and soil pollution. These pollutions have been caused by a wide variety of contaminating sources. Water and soil pollution may cause several health problems. Read on to know more about water and soil pollution.

It has been estimated that more than 40% of the water bodies such as streams, lakes and rivers in the U.S. are too polluted or contaminated to fish in or swim in. When both water and soil pollution spread on a wide range, they can cause harmful consequences.

Major Cause of Water and Soil Pollution

One of the main cause of water and soil pollution is large farm lands and feed lots. These places raises many cattle and other farm animals in huge numbers. This results in manure and sludge which forms a toxic waste.

Animal manure contains high amounts of nitrates. Also, several feed lots treat their farm animals with antibiotics and artificial growth hormones to increase their productivity. These are finally emitted into the soil which runs off into the water supply. Finally, this leads to a highly contaminated area which causes major water and soil pollution.

Prevention of Water and Soil Pollution

The best way to prevent water and soil pollution is by creating a buffer zone in and around the water ways and farm areas. These buffer zones act as a filter to minimize the amount of sludge and chemicals being drained out into the water supply.

To prevent the erosion and depletion of soil, a wide variety of ground cover can be grown. This will further provide protection to the water ways from being polluted.

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