Land Aerobics Vs. Water Aerobics

A fun and easy way to trim down and get back into shape is


. Most of the fitness centers offer exercise routines in land aerobics as well as water aerobics. Both the type of exercises can actually help you to enhance your cardiovascular fitness levels. Also, these form of exercises will help you to burn calories effectively.

Although, there are a few difference between the two form of aerobics. If you are deciding which form of aerobics is apt for you, you should consider a few important points. Read on to know more about

water aerobics vs. land aerobics


Identifying the Forms of Aerobics

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

gives the definition of aerobics as a�? A system of physical conditioning involving exercises such as swimming, running, walking or calisthenics strenuously performed so as to cause marked temporary increase in respiration and heart rate.a�? Hence, during an aerobic workout you can enhance your levels of cardiovascular fitness.

Several other forms of aerobics are available like Body Combat Aerobics, Zumba dance classes and spin classes. Still, the most popular form of aerobics are land and water aerobics.

Water Aerobics (Aqua Aerobics)

This form of exercise is done in a swimming pool. Water till chest level is preferable. The main focus of the routine is to improve and enhance the balance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. These form of exercise incorporate kickboards, fun noodles and hand weights to enhance the total workout of the body.

Water aerobics is a low impact exercise as the water provides a buoyancy to your body. Hence, it is most suitable for pregnant women as well as those who are suffering from joint pain or arthritis.

Land Aerobics

This form of exercise include workouts that burn calories, increase endurance, elevate heart rate and increase cardiovascular fitness levels. Land aerobics are generally performed with music. The exercise routines are specially designed to enhance the flexibility, strength and aerobic fitness among individuals. Most prefer this mode of aerobics as they sweat profusely while exercising and it provides a high energy workout.

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