Enhance Bone Density With Water Aerobics

Arthritis Treatment and Relief states that a suitable mode to tone the muscles as well as maintain a good cardiovascular health is by doing water aerobics. So, if you are suffering from osteoporosis, it is required to increase your bone density. You my reap benefits from following water aerobics if you team it with strength training. Read on to know how you can

enhance bone density with water aerobics


Enhance Bone Density With Water Aerobics

  • The first and foremost thing you should do is to locate a water aerobics program at your nearest health club. Always select a class that has a certified trainer who has experience in working with people who need to enhance bone density.
  • You should follow a few warm up exercises at the starting of water aerobics routine. You can stretch for 8 minutes in shallow water. This will prepare your muscles for the water aerobics workout and also get your body used to the water.
  • You can improve your cardio strength by doing underwater jogging for around 20 minutes at the deep end of the pool. If you are face difficulty with this step, you can combine this with some different strength training workout.
  • You should end this by doing strength training lasting for 15 minutes. This should include kicks, lifts and jumping jacks.
  • Finally, you should cool down with stretching. You should stretch your arms, quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • You can also include a few additional weight lifting and cross training activities for building up your bone density. You should consult a professional trainer to strengthen your bones by doing appropriate weight lifting exercises.

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