Acid Rain Solutions

One of the major concern worldwide is pollution.

Acid rain

is one such form of pollution which is a serious environmental problem affecting many regions. It majority of the acid rain affects several regions in the U.S. and Canada. It can be defined as the precipitation which has high amounts of acids. These noxious gases have a negative impact on the ecological balance. Read on to learn more about acid rain solutions.

Most of the times, acid rain occurs due to lightning strikes and volcanoes. But one of the main reason for acid rains is high levels of noxious gases released by automobiles and factories. Acid rain can be related to acid deposition. This deposition includes dry as well as wet deposition. Adverse effects of acid rain can be seen on the human health, soils, forests and fauna and flora. This is also responsible for resulting in extinction of many species.

Acid Rain Solutions

There are several possible solutions for acid rain available to us today. There is a need to enforce these rules and regulations on a wide scale to minimize the occurrence of acid rain. Also, awareness about the causes and effects of acid rain is important. Through mutual cooperation and understanding, solutions to minimize acid rain can be implemented. These solutions include:

  • One main solution is to use those fuels that burn in a cleaner way. Also, coal should be burned more efficiently. This step will minimize the chances of development of acid rain in the atmosphere.
  • In the industrial power plants, devices known as a�?scrubbersa�? can be attached in the chimneys to reduce the amount of sulfur emission. 90-95% of sulfur emission occurs in these plants.
  • Vehicles should meet the emission standards without fail. Catalytic converters can be fitted into the exhaust pipes of the vehicles. This reduces the sulfur dioxide emission into the atmosphere.

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