What are Water Aerobics Weights?

Water fitness exercises like water aerobics are considered to be a non-impact, generally safe type of exercise routine. This type of water fitness regimen allows the exercisers to lose excessive weight and effectively tone their muscles in low-impact zone. Often, this is accomplished with resistance devices such as water aerobics weights, flippers and webbed gloves. Read on to know more about the importance of

water aerobics weights


A few people think that water aerobics is an exercise program for seniors, but it is not true. Everybody including children and elderly people can equally reap the benefits from water aerobics. An additional resistance provided by water aerobic weights can make water aerobics more effective for muscle toning. Usually gloves and flippers are important part of water aerobics whereas aerobics weights are the best tools to utilize to strength training and add resistance to a regular routine of water aerobics.

Water Aerobics Weights

These weights are made from a highly dense foam material which has a porous surface. These closely resemble the freehand weights. At each end of the center handle bar, there is a foam weight. Also, the weight should be perfectly balanced. Water aerobics weights come in various shapes and sizes. In fact, the weight’s shape influences the level of resistance that the exerciser will feel in the water.

Benefits of Water Aerobics Weights

  • Using these weights can make a real difference in your water aerobics program. It effectively sculpts your upper body.
  • While using water aerobics weights, many exercises can be performed. The most two popular form of exercises done with these types of weights are curl and butterfly. These form of exercises can either be preformed in the deep end or shallow part of the pool.

Depth of the water influences the levels of resistance that the water aerobics weights has in the pool. If you wish for a hard workout, you should use these weights in the deep end of the pool. These weights can also be used as flotation devices.

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