Uses of Distilled Water

As we all know, water is one of the most valuable non-renewable resource on earth. The method of distillation is a simple technique to obtain relatively safe and pure drinking water. This method will be reckoned as a ‘life-saving method’ to obtain safe drinking water when water sources will become scarce in the coming future decades.

Although the

earth’s surface is nearly 71% covered with water

, it is unfit for human consumption as it is saline! Here is where the process of distillation comes into the picture as pure and safe drinking water can be obtained even from impure water sources. Read on to know more about the uses of distilled water.

Uses of Distilled Water

This type of drinking water is free from any kind of contamination or impurities such as bacteria and debris. As trace elements and minerals are absent from this type of water, it does not have any taste. Imperative uses of distilled water include:

  • Used in industries and in biological as well as chemical laboratories. There is a need for highly purified water in these sectors. Even double distilled water is required in some cases.
  • As a coolant, distilled water is used in nuclear powered ships. By the process of distillation, the sea water is desalinated.
  • Used in beverage industries to provide a good quality product in terms of purity as well as taste.
  • Used in lead acid batteries which are used in vehicles such as trucks and cars.
  • Used in automotive cooling systems as it is preferred over tap water.
  • Also used in steam-based irons to press clothes.
  • Used in aquariums to sustain the aquatic life like fish for a longer time.
  • Used in surgical procedures to prevent infections.

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