Is Nursery Water Safe for Your Child?

The question still lingers on whether

nursery water is safe for your child or not

? There is a huge hue and cry over the issue. There is nothing more imperative for parents than the health of their children. They look for the safest and best products for their newborns. The most important thing is reliable and safe drinking water. You can select from a wide variety of options like tap water, nursery water, spring water, bottled water, etc. Although, the popular choice was nursery water but it has raised several doubts regarding the fluoride content in the water as it has adverse effects on the infant’s health. So, read on to know whether nursery water is safe for your child or not.

Manufacturing Process of Nursery Water

As per the manufactures, this type of water is purified form of water meant for infants. The manufacturing process includes

stringent methods of purification

. This is to ensure the safety and health aspects of the infants.

The process initiates with the filtration process to remove the impurities.

Distillation process

(steam based) follows the filtration method which renders the water fit for consumption. Sometimes, minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and fluoride are added to the nursery water.


micron filtration

is carried out for high water quality, followed by


in order to disinfect the water. These brands of nursery water are manufactured as per the rules of State and Federal bottled water regulations.

Is Nursery Water Safe for Your Child?

The fluoride content in the nursery water raised many doubts and created a controversy of sorts. There is a divided opinion among health experts about the effects of fluoride content in the nursery water. But the manufactures tend to believe that low doses of fluorides is beneficial for infants.

Hence, the debate is still ongoing. You should seek your pediatrician’s opinion about the other safer alternatives. Most importantly, you can’t put your child’s health at stake.

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