How to Make Distilled Water

As we all know, water is one of the most valuable non-renewable resource on earth. The method of distillation is a simple technique to obtain relatively safe and pure drinking water. This method will be reckoned as a ‘life-saving method’ to obtain safe drinking water when water sources will become scarce in the coming future decades.

Although, the

earth’s surface is nearly 71% covered with water

, it is unfit for human consumption as it is saline! Here is where the process of distillation comes into the picture as pure and safe drinking water can be obtained from even impure water sources. Read on to know how to make distilled water to obtain pure and safe water for drinking purpose.

Procedure for Making Distilled Water

In principle, the method of making distilled water is very simple. The procedure include following steps:

  • Start with heating the impure water in a container till it reaches the boiling point (211.73 degree Fahrenheit or 100 degree Celsius at sea level).
  • Next, collect the water vapor and transfer it to another container maintained at lower temperature.
  • Temperature of the 2nd container can be lowered by covering it with a wet cloth or placing it on ice pack.
  • The vapor transported will condense to form water droplets as there is a sudden drop in the temperature.
  • Hence, the impurities are left behind in the 1st container.

Still, the process of distillation cannot remove 100% impurities. A few of impurities and chemicals can vaporize along with water and condense again. Different techniques are needed to separate these ions and chemicals. But microbial agents are killed in the boiling process which exist in the impure water.

Distilled Drinking Water

This type of treated water is safe and pure for drinking purpose. Yet, there is one drawback that should be highlighted. This process successfully removes the solid impurities from the water but it also removes the valuable and essential minerals required by the body.

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