How to Distill Water?

As we all know, water is one of the most valuable non-renewable resource on earth. The method of distillation is a simple technique to obtain relatively safe and pure drinking water. This method will be reckoned as a ‘life-saving method’ to obtain safe drinking water when water sources will become scarce in the coming future decades.

Although, the

earth’s surface is nearly 71% covered with water

, it is unfit for human consumption as it is saline! Here is where the process of distillation comes into the picture as pure and safe drinking water can be obtained from even impure water sources. Read on to know how to distill water on your own. But it is important to know what exactly is distilled water before you embark on to distill water.

Distilled Water

This type of treated water is safe and pure for drinking purpose. Water is chemically composed of oxygen and hydrogen only, but it also contains other compounds like minerals and impurities. Distilled water is utilized in chemical as well as biological projects. It is also suitable for human consumption.

Yet, there is one drawback that should be highlighted. This process successfully removes the solid impurities from the water but it also removes the valuable and essential minerals required by the body.

How to Distill Water?

After a brief introduction about distilled water, now you can distill water on your own. This process requires a collecting beaker, heating device like gas, condenser, water and a glass flask. The steps to distill water include:

  • Pour the water in the glass flask and place it over the heater. Ensure that the glass flask is heat-resistant.
  • To the end of it, you should attach the condenser. Place the other end of the condenser in the beaker.
  • Begin heating the water till the water reaches its boiling point. This will vaporize the water and this vapor will settle on the surface of the condenser.
  • Then, the condenser will liquefy the vapor into water drops which is finally collected in the beaker.

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  1. First I do not agree that water is a “non-renewable resource on earth”, all the water we (animals and plants) drink goes back to nature by respiration, excrements and dehydration.

    Second, drinking only distilled water eventually will kill us as you wrote: “…it also removes the valuable and essential minerals required by the body”, so I think that after the distillation process we need to add some minerals, what are they and how to add them?

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