Water Cooler Dispenser

It has become a common practice nowadays to integrate a

water cooler dispenser

in office or your home. You can choose from various options available such as exciting designer colors and new shapes. These come in a sleek and elegant series of water cooler dispensers, which suits your office or home decor. To know more about the water cooler dispensers, read on the following article.

There are mainly two types of water cooler dispensers -bottle less water cooler dispenser or bottled water cooler dispenser. Read on to know more about these two types of water cooler dispensers.

Bottled Water Cooler Dispensers

This type of water cooler dispenser is a self-contained unit as it is easy to install. For the convenience of the employees, these can be placed near a busy work area in the office. There should be an easy access to drinking water as it increases productivity by saving time.


Can be placed anywhere and quite easy to relocate
Ease in installation


Drinking water has to be purchased
Difficulty in storage and handling heavy, bulky bottles

Bottle less Water Cooler Dispensers

For a constant supply of filtered water, this type of water cooler dispenser is connected to an existing plumbing. When compared to the bottled water dispenser, the bottle less water cooler dispenser takes less space. So, it can fit easily in even limited spaces.

These water cooler dispensers are available in various colors, shapes and sizes just like the bottled water cooler varieties.


Limitless supply of free water
More compact


Not easily movable as it is a permanent fixture
Complication in installation

It is more imperative to ensure nowadays that a reliable source of fresh drinking water is available. The perfect way is to buy a home water cooler to ensure that your employees or family members have clean drinking water.

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