Water Pollution Effect: Marine Debris

In the simplest terms,

marine debris is the trash found in oceans

. This trash contaminates the inland waterways also. But trash is a malignant problem in the seas. According to the Ocean Conservancy, these marine debris are one of the world’s most imperative marine pollution problem. Read on to know more about the water pollution caused by these marine debris.

Harmful Consequences of Marine Debris

These marine debris include inland trash and garbage dumped by boaters and ships such as styrofoam, cigarette butts, six-pack rings, and plastic bags and bottles. The marine organisms can engulf these trash or debris, which resembles to their preys that they normally eat.

Otherwise, these debris may have some food stuff like barnacles attached which they accidentally consume with the food. For example, sea turtles may consume a plastic bag thinking that it is a jellyfish. This plastic bag can then cause an intestinal blockage and may lead to fatality.

Recent Devastating Emergence of marine Debris

A recent and devastating effect of these marine debris is rising. Plastic breaks down after years of degradation lying at the sea. These plastic trash has not been biodegraded. This is disintegrated into smaller pieces. These smaller plastic pieces will enter the food chain and it goes a very long way.

Even the discarded fishing gear like nets, rope and line and other trash items may wrap around the marine animals flippers or fins. This may result in amputation of their limbs or drowning incidents. Also, these marine trash or debris can cause degradation of the sea grass beds, coral reefs and other kind of aquatic habitats.

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