Simple Tips to Save Water

We can individually help in reducing the amount of waste water. also, we can help in reducing the amount of toxic contaminants present in it. As we all know, water is essential for normal daily household as well as personal use. There is an urgent need to save and conserve water for the future use. There are many simple and effective ways to save and conserve water. Also, there are several ways to practice and implement source reduction in our homes and communities. Read on to learn more about the simple tips to save water.

Simple and Effective Tips to Save Water

  • Try to take quick showers instead of longer ones. An average shower usually takes

    around 25-50 gallons of water

    . So, be careful about the time that you spend in the shower.

  • Approximately

    4-6 gallons of water

    is wasted each time when you flush the toilet. This water enters the waste water system. So, reduce the excess volume of water by flushing only when it is necessary. Many of the new toilets have a setting for water level. Set your flush on a low level.

  • Around

    30-50 gallons of water

    is used in every load of washing done in your average washing machine. Therefore, you should wash only in full loads to reduce multiple washings. Select those appliances that have a “water efficient” model.

  • In every turn, your dish washer uses

    4-8 gallons of water

    . So, operate your dish washer carefully and only in full load. Also, be careful while doing dishes by hands as this wastes nearly 20 gallons of water.

  • Brushing your teeth or washing your hands can use up to 3-6 gallons of water. In mere 60 seconds, nearly 1 gallon of water can be wasted. Always remember to turn off the faucet, until you are directly using water.
  • You can install a water conservation device on your faucets and shower heads. To reduce water wastage, you can use nozzles for the hoses. These type of devices can really cut down wastage of water.

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