Fluoride and Bottled Water: The Fact Sheet

Bottled water

industry supplements both non-fluoridated and fluoridated brands of bottled water to the consumer to choose from. The consumers choose a brand of bottled water according to their taste, convenience and quality. Also, a few companies that are

members of IBWA

provide fluoridated bottled water for those consumers who desire to consume fluoridated drinking water. Read to know more about the co-relation between the fluoride and bottled water.

The Fact Sheet

Busting the myth that there is a connection between an increase in cavity formation with high intake of bottled water. On the contrary, bottled water is completely free of those ingredients that result in cavities.

There are several sources of fluoride. There is a great variation in the amount of exposure experienced by individual and community. There should be a careful observation made by the consumers on how much fluoride they are consuming as a part of their overall diet. For knowing the safe levels, you should immediately contact your dental care provider or health care provider. If excessive exposure to fluoride occurs, then a condition known as fluorosis forms. This condition results in stain formation in the teeth.

American Dental Association (ADA) Guidance

According to the

American Dental Association’s (ADA) interim guidance document released on November 9, 2006

, there is no stringent advise against the use of bottled water that contain fluoride. This interim guidance deals with the use of fluoridated bottled water. In their a�?

Interim Guidance on Fluoride Intake for Infants and Young Children

a�?, it is mentioned that consumers should choose a bottled water that a�?

contains low levels of fluoride or fluoride freea�?

if they want to feed infants powdered or liquid infant formula.

It is also clearly mentioned that a�?

occasional use of water containing optimal levels of fluoride should not appreciably increase a child’s risk for fluorosis

.” Hence, there is no need to worry and the choice is yours if you wish to consume fluoridated bottled water. It is perfectly safe!

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  1. Or just drink tap water. Tap water is regulated by the EPS which requires constant testing and reports whereas Bottled water is regulated by the FDA and does not require such tests or reports. Stick with tap water.

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