Recent Water Pollution Issues

Water pollution

has a very negative impact on the animals, humans and most importantly, on the environment. The most surprising fact is that the rise in the pollution levels is seen despite stringent and stricter laws in place by the

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

. A recent water pollution issue that is affecting the Americans is closing down beaches due to contamination of beaches and beach water. Read on to know more about the recent water pollution issues.

Closure of Beaches due to Water Pollution

In the United States

, many of the Great Lakes, bays and ocean were close because of water pollution. Various form of pollutants and contaminants were being washed onto the beaches. These contaminants include wastes like debris and sewage. In recent years, the sewage overflows and spills increased manifold. Most of these closures were occurred due to sewage. A

Beach Protection Act

was passed recently in the United States House of Representatives. It is waiting for getting a sanction from the Senate.

Beach Protection Act

As already mentioned, this Beach Protection Act is still awaiting to get approval . This will help in increasing the federal funds in order to detect beach water pollution sources. It will also help in cleaning and maintaining them. We can also individually help by ensuring that the beaches and beach water remains clean. We can implement few steps to keep the beaches clean and well-maintained which include:

  • Avoid littering
  • Pick up wastes and and trash
  • Maintain the septic systems
  • Clean up after your pet
  • Proper disposal of toxic wastes

Water Pollution due to Livestock Feedlot and Farms

This is one of the recent water pollution issue that affects the water quality adversely which comes from feedlot and farms. The pollution that occurs because of waste produced from animals like chickens, cattle and pigs. This affects the health of humans as well as other living beings.

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