Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment

is implemented to optimize and regulate most of the water-based processes in the industries. These water-based processes include rinsing, cleaning, processing, cooling and heating. These are optimized and regulated to reduce the risks and operating costs involved it the processes. If the water is not treated properly, then it interacts with the surfaces of vessels and pipes which contain it. This may result in corrosion or scaling up in

steam boilers

which in turn demand more fuel to heat the water. The deposits cause ineffective heating. Also,

cooling towers

may corrode and if left untreated, this waste water can induce bacterial growth. Read to know more about the industrial water treatment.

Basics of Industrial Waste Water Treatment

The industrial water treatment is implemented to enhance and improve the water quality which comes in contact with the manufactured product, for example, beverages or semiconductors. Defective products may be manufactured due to poor industrial water treatment. Due to bacterial contamination,

Legionnairea��s Disease

may occur which has a fatal consequence. Even the domestic water can be adversely affected and unfit for drinking purpose.

The industrial waste water from one of the above mentioned processes might be completely suitable for reuse in some other process located elsewhere on site. If this industrial waste water is effectively and properly treated, a huge proportion of this water can be re-used again. This has the advantages of reducing the costs in three ways:

  • Lower energy costs due to the recovery of heat in the recycled water
  • Lower charges for the smaller proportion of the industrial waste water discharged
  • Lower charges for less water consumption

Therefore, it is imperative to treat the industrial waste water on-site only as it minimizes polluting the environment and posing a threat to our ecosystem. Even the industrial processes function smoothly and effectively. Hence, there is a need to enhance the treatment process for better results.

Classification of Industrial Water Treatment

The industrial waste water treatment is classified into different categories which include:

  • Waste water treatment
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Boiler water treatment

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