Water Pollution Sources

Many of us are aware of the fact that

water pollution

has a negative impact on our ecosystems and the environment. Also, water pollution has many sources. There are two categories of water pollution that is divided to determine from where the actual source of pollution starts. The direct sources of water pollution are waste water treatment systems, refineries and factories among several others. The contaminants present in this contaminated water directly enters the water bodies from the source. Read to know more about the various sources of water pollution.

In-direct Sources of Water Pollution

Another source of water pollution is an in-direct water source. It occurs when the pollution enters the water supply from atmospheric sources and run off. As already mentioned above, anything that contaminates the ground will ultimately eneter and pollute the water supply. Several contaminants like pesticide and fertilizers may be present in the run off and enter into nearby lakes, rivers and streams. These may act as in-direct sources of water pollution.

Other Sources of Water Pollution

Also, several other water pollution sources are classified such as basal or acidic, radioactive, inorganic and organic. But, one of the wide spread and primary sources of water pollution are huge feedlots and farms. In a small space, these feedlots raise thousands of cattle, pigs and chicken. The farm animals are responsible for producing enormous wastes. This has to be dealt with careful consideration. These is either absorbed into the ground which contaminates the groundwater or present in the run off that finally enters the water bodies like lakes, rivers and streams. These pollute the water and reduces the quality of water.

Manure and animal wastes contain huge amount of phosphorus and nitrates. These have a harmful effect on human beings. Presence of nitrates in the drinking water can result in severe consequences like blue baby syndrome. This causes infant deaths.

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