Solutions to Water Pollution

Water pollution

is not a new problem as it has been around for ages. Still, the severity and negative impact of this problem has garnered international recognition quite recently. In spite of strict and stringent laws in place to protect clean water in the United States, adequate action has not yet been taken. According to the

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

, approximately 40% of rivers, streams and lakes are considered unfit for fishing and swimming. With the preventive measures in place, it is important to find a cure for this problem also. Read to know more about the solutions to water pollution that we can implement individually. We can contribute to make this world a better place!

Solutions to Water Pollution

These solutions to cure the problem of water pollution include the following points:

Begin at Home

Think twice before you put the blame on the administration and other people for not doing anything for finding a cure for water pollution. Even we are responsible in some ways for contributing to water pollution. You should ensure that there are no leakages in the nearest outflow pipe. You can start an initiative in your locality for periodic maintenance and cleaning of septic tanks. Also, you can save water by conserving it in an effective way. Avoid buying plastic as they are the primary reason for creating the problem of water pollution.

Enforce Laws

One of the most important point is to enforce the existing water pollution laws and make them more stringent. Immediately penalize anyone who tries to break them. This is one of the best measures to prevent water pollution.

Ban Deforestation

Most of the environmental pollution are all inter related. One of the best examples are forests that primarily absorb the runoff. But deforestation has a negative impact on the natural cycle. The top soil, which is highly fertile, is washed off. Hence, it is imperative to plant more trees.

Minimize Oil Spills

Oil spills has a negative impact on the marine ecosystem. So, strict and stringent laws and regulations should be implemented. This is again one of the important solution to water pollution.

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