Water Pollution – Solutions

Around the world, including in America, water pollution has emerged as a big problem. Although, even after setting up strong laws as a part of water pollution solutions, much work is yet to be done. These laws are implemented to reduce or minimize any further pollution of water. Yet, these laws are not enforced effectively always. Due to water pollution,

around 40% of water bodies like streams, rivers and lakes are declared unfit by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

. Read on to know more about water pollution solutions.

The best way to have effective and functional water pollution solutions is to enforce the existing laws to curb any form of water pollution. A few additional solutions for water pollution are mentioned below.

Additional Water Pollution Solutions

These solutions for water pollution include the following points:

  • Reduction in pesticide and nutrient pollution

    – Implement smarter and effective agricultural practices

  • Implementing biodynamic farming
  • Avoiding the practice of settling ponds and till planting

    – Reduces the runoff amount that enters the streams and seeps into the ground water

  • Reduction of household or domestic runoff of fertilizers and pesticides

    a�� Minimize or reduce the amount of these chemicals being used.

Other Solutions for Water Pollution

These solutions can be put into effect with the additional solutions. These include:

  • Prevent deforestation

    a�� Reduces runoff by soaking up the rain water

  • Effective monitoring of watershed management
  • Enhance storm water management
  • Conserve water
  • Improve sewage treatment system to prevent pipe leakages
  • Reduce the amount of nitrogen emission and deposition by driving less
  • Re-establish wetlands

    a�� These help in filtering pollutants and work as a buffer zone

Even we individually can do a lot by helping in the water pollution solutions. The simplest thing is to buy green personal care items and household cleaners. Also, we can buy organic food. Try to stay away from pharmaceuticals. You should take care while disposing wastes such as old varnishes and paints.

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