Clean Up Water: In Your Yard

One of the major causes of polluted runoff is daily household activities. This reason is one of the serious sources of polluted, contaminated water. When it rains, solvent residues and paint from walls, oil from the driveways and fertilizer from gardens are all runoff into the nearby streams, lakes and rivers. These water bodies are usually our source of water for daily activities like fishing, swimming, bathing and most importantly, drinking. Hence, it is very important to have a clean source of water supply. Here are a few effective yet simple steps that can help you to minimize the polluted runoff.

Clean Up Water: In Your Yard

  • Use natural fertilizers:

    You can utilize natural fertilizers like peat, bone meal, manure or compost instead of the artificial, chemical fertilizers. You can ask your local garden supply and hardware stores to keep these natural fertilizers. If you are interested, you can buy a composting setup. The process of composting minimizes the need for fertilizers. Also, it helps the soil to retain moisture.

  • Don’t use excess water in your gardens and lawns:

    You can use a slow watering technique in your gardens and lawns. Excessive watering can enhance the leaching of fertilizer into the groundwater. The a�?dripa�? or trickle irrigation systems are 20% more efficient when compared with sprinklers. Even the soaker hoses are more efficient.

  • Minimize the impervious surfaces surrounding your house:

    Avoid hard surfaces of asphalt and concrete around your house. It helps in the drainage system. Try to use a landscape with gravel or vegetation. Avoid materials like cement; instead you can install wood decking.

  • Maintain the septic system properly:

    You should have the septic tank cleaned out in 3-5 years. The effluent from poorly maintained systems may contaminate the groundwater. So, you should regularly monitor the cleaning task of your septic tanks.

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