Water Saving Tips In Home

All of us know that water is highly essential to life on earth. To put it very simply, water is needed to provide energy, keep our surroundings clean and most importantly, to grow food a�� agriculture. Hence, it is very important to conserve water as it is a non-renewable resource. More amount of water is used for various purposes than it is being replenished. You should be aware of a few water saving tips as it is good for your family, community and most importantly, the earth! Hence, read on to know more about a few water saving tips in your home.

Water Saving Tips in Home

  • You should check your home for any leaks as hidden leaks can waste precious water even without you being aware of it. You can ensure this by reading your water meter and not using water for a couple of hours.
  • Again, you should check your water meter. If there is a change in the reading, then you should check for any water leakage.
  • While brushing your teeth, you can turn off the tap. You can do the same when you are washing your face or shaving. Do you know that you can waste nearly 9 liters of water in one minute while doing these activities?
  • Try to take a short shower than taking a bath. You can easily save around 400 liters of water in a week. But if you want to take baths, half fill the bathtub.
  • If any of your home taps are dripping, fix them immediately as you may waste somewhere 90 liters of water in a week. So, get the washer replaced with a new one.
  • You should only utilize the dishwasher and the washing machine when you can operate them in a full load mode. If they are half full, wastage of energy and water occurs.

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