Types of Wall Fountains

Wall fountains

will really turn your room or office into a serene atmosphere. The natural and soothing sound of water trickling down a water fountain surface is very peaceful experience altogether. If you are planning to invest in a wall fountain, you should know that two basic types of wall fountains are available a��

re-circulating fountains


dedicated water source fountains

. To know more about the type of mounted wall fountains, read to discover the world of wall fountains.

Types of Indoor Wall Fountains

You should first decide which type of water fountain suits you needs. This completely relies on the amount of water the fountain will use. There are several important factors such as the rate of water loss due to evaporation. Also, you have to think about any possible splashing regarding an outdoor wall fountain.

Re-circulating Mounted Wall Fountain:

These are the common type of mounted wall fountains. These are best suited for for small offices and homes. Usually, a pump is required to circulate the water throughout the whole fountain. To hold the water till it is recirculated again, a reservoir pan is required for these types of fountain designs.

The best feature about these fountains is that you can easily place it anywhere in your office or home. Also, you don’t have to worry for any other additional water source to operate the wall fountain.

Dedicated Wall Fountain:

These types of water fountains are used in public locations. They come under commercial fountains that requires around thousands of gallons of water. On a per day basis, these fountains may demand nearly 100 gallons of water to have the desired effect. You need professional help to install a dedicated wall fountain.

The wall fountains which are used in offices and homes today are the re-circulating fountains. One of the advantage about this water fountain is that there is no need for a dedicated source of water.

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