Backyard Water Garden: The Final Touches

A small yet beautiful backyard water garden which includes a pond filled with fishes and plants can enhance your backyard. It also adds a dramatic effect to your backyard. You experience a peaceful trance when this becomes a focal point of the backyard. If you are interested to know more about backyard water garden, then discover the elements of backyard water gardening by reading this article.

Chris Dawson, who is a master gardener, gives his wonderful insights on ways to install a pond in your backyard. So, read the following points to know how to add the final touches to your backyard water garden.

To simplify things, you can buy a complete gardening kit that consists of all the supplies you may need. But, if you are really keen and imaginative, you can also design your garden on your own from the scratch.

Adding the Final Touches

You can add the final touches to your backyard water garden by simply following a few effective reminders which include:

  • You should keep blocks atop the liner around the ledge of the pond when it is about 3/4th full.
  • You can keep the potted submerged plants in plastic crates. This helps in creating an elevation and the soil surface remains a foot below water. The fishes can swim through the holes present in the plastic crates.
  • When you fill the pond, remember to acclimatise the fish to their new surroundings. You can attain this by filling a little amount of pond water in the bag containing the fish.
  • Fill the bag with 10% more water than what it already contains for four times. Wait for 15 minutes between each refill.
  • Avoid overfilling your pond with fish and plants. Remember, water plants grow very quickly and they spread out. Also, the fish reproduce quite soon.
  • You can also keep a floating glass ball in the pond as a finishing touch. This is one of the favorite garden ornaments as it reflects light while floating serenely on water.
  • The final step is to plug in the pump and check how it works. Now, sit back and enjoy your new backyard water garden peacefully.

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