Backyard Water Garden: How to Install One?

A small yet beautiful

backyard water garden

which includes a pond filled with fishes and plants can enhance your backyard. It also adds a dramatic effect to your backyard. You experience a peaceful trance when this becomes a focal point of the backyard. If you are interested to know more about backyard water gardens, then discover the elements of it by reading this article.

Chris Dawson

, who is a master gardener, gives his wonderful insights on ways to install a pond in your backyard. So, read the following points to know how to install a backyard water garden.

An Overview

To simplify things, you can buy a complete gardening kit that consists of all the supplies you may need. But, if you are really keen and imaginative, you can also design your garden on your own from the scratch. But, before you start digging, there are a few imperative points to be considered.

Location of the Garden

This is the first thing you should search for. Select a site that gets a minimum of 4-6 hours of direct sunlight everyday. As you may know, most of the water plants require full sunlight.

  • To reduce maintenance hassles, you should locate your pond several feet away from trees to reduce the debris that falls into the pond.
  • Try to build the water garden at a higher altitude as low lying areas collect most rainwater. This may pose a difficulty while digging the pond.
  • Avoid areas that have underground utility or cable lines.
  • Try to choose a site that lies near electrical or water sources.
  • And most importantly, see the view from inside your home. You should enjoy the wonderful creation from outdoors as well as indoors.

Shape of the Water Garden

This is also an important point to be considered. This should suit your personal taste. Rectangular or square shaped gardens have a formal appearance. On the other hand, you can create an informal look by mimicking the curving lines of an oval-shaped backyard water garden.

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