Save Water in Kitchen

Kitchen is one place where a lot of water is used in our homes. The kitchen area uses

about 10% of the total water used

for drinking purpose, washing, cleaning and cooking. Here are a few simple yet effective tips to save water in your kitchen.

A huge amount of water is used by the dishwasher in the kitchen. If you install an efficient water model, it saves money as well as water. So, before buying a dishwasher, see whether it has a

WELS (National Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards)

label. This standard is used to analyze water efficiency a�� if a product has more stars, it is more efficient in saving water. This certified dishwasher uses almost half the quantity of water when compared to any other average dishwasher.

Helpful Tips to Save Water

  • Water wastage from a running tap can be avoided by collecting it in a jug or bottle. Keep it in the refrigerator for later use.
  • The general water usage of garbage-disposal units is usually six liters each day. Therefore, put food waste and scraps into a worm farm or composter than running them down the sink.
  • While cleaning a fish tank, you can use the phosphorus and nitrogen-rich water on plants.

Dishwater Tips

  • Select dishwashers which are WELS certified or National Water Conservation labeled. Till now, the best water rating gained by dishwashers is 5 stars.
  • Use your dishwasher only when the load is full.
  • Also, you can make use of the rinse-hold function on the dishwasher.

Effective Tap Tips

  • Avoid rinsing the dishes under a running tap while washing.
  • You should use liquid detergent sparingly to minimize the rinsing time.
  • You can use a plugged sink instead of a running tap.
  • Aerators with a flow control can be inexpensive. They also reduce water flow almost by 50%.
  • You should insulate the hot water pipes.

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  1. water conservation should be done because we are already having some water shortage these days`*`

  2. water conservation is really needed nowadays because of the growing population,-:

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