Save Water in the Bathroom

Are you aware of the fact that nearly half of the water used for household purposes is consumed in the bathroom? Also,

almost 20%

of the water is used in the toilet. You can become water-smart to save water in the bathroom by following some simple yet effective steps. Remember to check the water efficiency certification of the bathroom appliance which you wish to purchase. Read on to know more about various tips to save water in the bathroom.

If you buy water-efficient bathroom appliances, you will be able to save money on electricity and water bills. This also helps the environment. Select those appliances that has a good star rating a�� more stars for a appliance means more efficient in saving water.

Save Water in Shower

Around nine liters of water is used per minute in 3 star rated shower heads. When compared to old shower heads which utilize 15-20 liters of water per minute, these 3 star rated shower heads are more effective. A few tips to save water in the shower include:

  • Take shower for a shorter duration. You should limit the time spent in rinsing off.
  • For efficiency, you can use a shower timer.
  • You can collect the water in a bucket while waiting for hot water from the shower.
  • Also, insulate the hot water pipes.
  • Ensure that the thermostat of your hot water system is not set at too high a temperature.

Save Water While Taking Bath

  • Fill water in the tub only as much as required. Try to use less amount of water for pets and kids.
  • Keep a regular check on plugs for any leakages. If required, replace them immediately.
  • While filling water, you should check the temperature. It is wasteful to add excessive water to attain the right temperature after it is at the right level.

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