Selecting a Rainwater Tank

Rainwater tanks

are now fast becoming a prominent feature in the urban communities. About

17% of people install a rainwater tank

in their households. If a real difference has to be made in water conservation, more number of people should invest in a rainwater tank. These tanks are available in various sizes, materials and shapes. If you select the best water tank, you can preserve the precious resource as well as minimize the water bill.

Uses of a Rainwater Tank

These tanks are usually NOT meant for drinking purpose. Because industry and traffic emissions can easily settle on the roofs. If you want to put your rainwater tank to good use and maximize its value, then you should use the water for indoor purpose. This way you can utilize the water all around the year.

Garden Watering

Garden demands

around 25 to 50%

of the total household water. This tank water should be utilized in the summer season when rainfall is low. Therefore, the water tank should be large in size to preserve the water well in advance.

Usually, a

4000-5000 liter of tank

is recommended. If you have less space, you can install two small-sized tanks instead.

Toilet Flushing

Generally, a toilet uses

around 12 liters

each flush. Therefore, you can install a tank for your toilet system that will help in saving water. According to statistics, an average individual uses

approximately 30 liters

of water everyday in the toilet.

Save Water in Laundry

You can connect your washing machine to your rainwater tank. This helps in saving a large amount of water. These washing machines usually use

about 150 liters

of water per wash. So, using the stored rainwater can help you to save water efficiently.

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