How to Make Alkaline Water?

The average water intake per day ranges from

2.5-4 litres

. So, it is important that the water that we consume should be of the highest quality. Alkaline drinking water is claimed to prevent cancer, reduces aging and increases stamina, among several other benefits. But few disagree with the merits of alkaline water. They call this water as a�?snake oil.a�? Read on to know how to make the alkaline water.

You should drink water that is rich in mineral and is alkaline to optimally hydrate your body. Also, alkaline water removes toxins from your body and neutralises the acid levels. It also works as a conductor of the electrochemical activity varying from cell to cell. The ideal pH level for water is somewhere between 8 to 9. Also, you should drink three to four litres of water everyday.

How to Make Alkaline Water?

Three main methods are there to make alkaline water:

Addition of alkaline ingredients to the water:

To increase the alkalinity of water, few ingredients can be added to it. These ingredients can be added to water that has been treated in a alkaline water filter. Otherwise, these can be useful when only tap or mineral water is present.

    PH Drops:

    These drops can effectively increase the water’s alkalinity. They provide intense alkalinity, only a few drops are required. For example, Innerlight’s Prime pH and Alkalive’s pH Booster.

    Lemon Water:

    It is an superb alkaline agent. It also helps in detoxifying the kidneys and liver.

Using a water ioniser:

These products help in ionising the water. Running the water over negative and positive electrodes can make it ionised. The water is separated into acidic (30%) and alkaline (70%). The alkaline water thus separated is used for drinking purpose.

Using a distiller:

It is a very effective and efficient method of alkalising and purifying the water. This eliminates all the microbial contaminants and other organic compounds.

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