What is Alkaline Drinking Water?

The average water intake per day ranges from

2.5-4 liters

. So, it is important that the water that we consume should be of the highest quality. Alkaline drinking water is claimed to prevent cancer, reduce aging and increase stamina, among several other benefits. But few disagree with the merits of alkaline water. They call this water as

a�?snake oil.a�?

Read on to know more about the alkaline drinking water.

Alkaline Drinking Water: What is it?

Acid wastes are regularly being accumulated into the lymph and bloodstream. They are transported to the kidneys and liver for the final detoxification and elimination process. The pH level of internal body fluids affects the living cells in our bodies. Over-acidification can have an adverse impact upon our health. This can have a negative effect on all our cellular functions from neural workings of the brain to the heart beats.

You should drink water that is rich in minerals and is alkaline to optimally hydrate your body. Also, alkaline water removes toxins from your body and neutralizes the acid levels. It also works as a conductor of the electrochemical activity varying from cell to cell. The ideal pH level for water is somewhere between 8 to 9. Also, you should drink three to four liters of water everyday.

Properties of Alkaline Drinking Water

As already stated, alkaline drinking water neutralizes the stored toxins and acids in the bodies. These acids are eliminated, once the acids are neutralized. Drinking alkaline water helps the body to slow the aging process and resist diseases by:

  • Preventing free radicals formation and cell damage
  • Eliminating and preventing waste accumulation in cells
  • Regulates acid alkaline balance and normal blood flow
  • Protecting and stabilizing cells
  • Heightens intracellular hydration
  • Re-stabilizes essential minerals

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