Water Remediation

Water is the earth’s greatest natural resource which should be preserved and purified for various uses. According to the Environmental Protection Agency,

a�?Water is essential for life as it plays a vital role in the proper function of the earth’s ecosystems.a�?

Hence, it becomes imperative to preserve and utilize the wonderful natural resource in a thoughtful manner. Water remediation is the technique of eliminating the water supply of any contaminants. It makes the water suitable for human ue and consumption.

Along with rendering the water safe for humans, this technique of remediation ensures that the eliminated wastes removed from the water is disposed in such a way that it has a least harmful impact on the surrounding environment. Many different ways are employed to handle water pollution and restore the condition of water for usage.

Types of Water Remediation

There are two types of water remediation process which are in-situ and off-site purification. They are described briefly:

  • In-situ Remediation:

    Cleaning and purifying water supply on location is in-situ remediation. The water is not transported to some other filtering facility. It is also known os on-site purification. A cheaper alternative to treat groundwater is using this technique.

  • Off-site Remediation:

    The contaminated water is collected and transported to another location for cleaning and purifying the water of any contaminants. This approach is also known as ex-situ water remediation.

Along with these two water remediation processes, a variety of methods can be employed to restore the water condition. Methods like thermal method helps in eliminating and destroying harmful bacterial species by elevating the water temperature.

Also, filtering this water with a combination of chemicals can treat the water. Even natural elements can be used to filter out the contaminants present in the water. Usually, treating waste water can take more than one step to finally cleanse and filter the water to restore back it into a good condition.

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