Types Of Bottled Water

Most bottled water are known as

a�?spring watera�?

by the mineral water companies. But it is not true always. The place of origin and processing of varied types of bottled water makes them different in taste as well as content. In reality, the U.S regulatory body, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), regulates the different types of bottled water has specified certain guidelines. Read on to know more about the types of bottled water.

The FDA as mentioned above has set some standards to identify and classify bottled water into different water type categories.

Types of Bottled Water

Spring Water:

The most popular a�?spring watera�? is described as a�?bottled water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth.a�? To collect spring water, it should be directly collected from a spring or a bore hole dug into the ground connecting to a spring.

Purified Water:

This type of drinking water is treated with several processes such as reverse osmosis, deionization or distillation. This simply means that the microorganisms like bacteria, dissolved solids and other impurities are completely removed from the drinking water by utilizing some of the above-mentioned processes. This makes the drinking water a�?purifieda�?.

The bottled water of this type is branded as purified drinking water but it can be also branded for the specific process used to purify it. For example, distilled drinking water or reverse osmosis drinking water. Most brands of bottled water are simply purified drinking water.

Mineral Water:

This type of drinking water contains at least

250 parts per million

total dissolved salts. Mineral water is defined by its a�?relative proportions and constant level of trace elements and mineral at the point of emergence from the source.a�? Additional minerals can be added to the water.

Sparkling Bottled Water:

This type of bottled water contains a fizzy kind of drinking water. You must be thinking how it becomes fizzy? Well, this drinking water contains a�?the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide that it originally had when it emerged from the source.a�? This type of water can be branded as sparkling spring water, sparkling mineral water, sparkling drinking water,etc.

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