5 Ways to Conserve Water

Water is a valuable and non-renewable source. Using water carefully can also help you to save on water bills. Regardless of your location, you can find ways to conserve water. Read on to know about top 5 ways to conserve water.


Do full loads of laundry, instead of medium or small loads. This will save water and you would be able to save 1000 gallons of month in this way. You can also follow the same for dishwashers.


Running water from the faucet often leads to water wastage. Instead of washing your dishes in running water, fill your sink with water and then wash them. . You can also save the rinse water and use it for watering outdoor plant or to wipe the kitchen appliances.


Sweeping your driveway or patio instead of using a hose pipe can save lots of water. You would also be getting good exercise in the process of sweeping.


Limit your showering time to 5 minutes or less, and this will help you to conserve a lot of water. You can also buy yourself low flow shower heads. These shower heads limit the flow of water. They mix water and air to create a steady pressure. In the long run, using low flow shower head can save water to a great extent.

When bathing, you should fill the tub only 1/3 instead of filling it to the brim. Avoid water to gush from the faucet when brushing your teeth or shaving. You can turn it to a trickle or while brushing, turn the faucet off. While shaving, fill the sink A? for later use.


Place a couple of bricks or sand-filled plastic bottles in your toilet tank. As toilet tanks need only three gallons of water for proper functioning, placing bricks would save water and this does not affect its functioning. Always place the bricks on the opposite side of the handle mechanism of the toilet tank.

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