Deep Water Fitness Routines

Exercising in deep water

is highly beneficial for you, especially for your muscles and joints. The best part is that it is not at all taxing on your body. Therefore, it is a great form of exercise for people who are afflicted by back pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis. There are different forms to exercise in the deep water. Read on to know more about deep water fitness routines.

Most pools and gyms offer training in water aerobics. Also, they offer classes in deep water exercises to meet the needs of those who want a low-impact workout, athletes and elderly people. So, learn about deep water warm-ups and exercise routines.

Deep Water Warm-ups

If you wish to do deep water exercises, then wear a flotation device that will help you to keep your head above the water. Devices that help you to stay afloat in water can be put around your wrists,waist and neck. Most preferably, deep water exercises are done in six feet of water. This does not allow you to touch the bottom of the pool. This makes your workout more intense.

Deep water warm-ups can include doing

arm circles in the water

. You start with making smaller circles leading to bigger circles. Also, a light jog for a few minutes in the water is recommended. You should start slow and gradually pick up the pace.

You can end the warm-up by doing

side stroke

for a couple of laps. For this, you should be on one side and scissor-kick your legs. Pull yours arms apart while doing this step.

Deep Water Exercise Routines

The workout should last for at least 45 minutes. After you have done warm-ups, try running in the same place in the water. Avoid touching the pool floor. Try to get your knees close to your chest and run above the pool floor. This burns more calories as your body uses the resistance of the water for this purpose.

Deep water exercise routine has numerous benefits like maintaining strength you already posses. These exercises also increase our coordination, strength and flexibility. Also, your range of motion, endurance and balance improves remarkably. Another benefit is increase in blood supply to your muscles. This reduces or prevents muscle spasms as it relaxes your nervous system.

You can also

bicycle in the water

. Doing this in one place will shape and tone your legs. It also increases your flexibility. Along with this, it builds muscles in your calves, thighs and hips.

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