Water Work-outs During Pregnancy

Are you looking for a low-impact, safe mode of doing exercise that you can practice for the entire nine months? If your answer is yes, you might want to try

water-based exercises

. So, try heading to a swimming pool. Pregnancy does not mean that you should slouch. You should get up and get active. Prenatal exercises are good for both the baby and you. Water-based exercises include aqua aerobics, water jogging and swimming, which are best suited for pregnant women. Read on to learn more about

prenatal water workouts


Water workouts are ideal during pregnancy as the water’s buoyancy reduces 50% of the total body weight. It also minimizes the risk of stress-related injuries. The water’s compression is soothing to those joints and muscles that are stressed by carrying the additional weight during pregnancy.


  • If you want to workout for 30 minutes, then alternate aerobic activity with strengthening moves. You can warm up for five minutes by walking in the pool or simply by swimming a few laps.
  • Then, try alternate jogging or high-intensity walking with low-intensity recovery periods. You should repeat this step for three minutes.
  • Ensure that you cool down by walking around the pool or swimming a few laps for five minutes.

Strengthening Moves

  • You should stand in the shallow part of the pool and face the stairs. You should step up on the lowest step and then move back down. Try to repeat this for 10 times with your right leg. Then you should follow the same steps with your left leg.
  • You should hold a kick board with both hands in front of you. Hold it in such a way that one end is immersed halfway in the water and the other end is up in the air. Start walking from one side of the pool to the other side. You should aim to keep the board straight.
  • You should stand with your back to the pool side. Place your elbows on the pool rim for support and keep your knees straight. Now, slowly bring both the legs up in front of you. Try to hold the position for 10 seconds. All the while, exhale slowly. Then, bend your knees down to bring your feet on the floor.

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