What are the Advantages of Water Aerobics?

Water Aerobics have numerous advantages andA� is a fun way to exercise. The exercise is very advantageous in extremely hot weather and scorching heat. The scorching heat makes it difficult for workouts during summer with unstoppable perspiration. Hence, in this condition indulging in water is the best way to get relieve from the heat and workout in cold water.

Water aerobics is not only interesting, but this activity also allows you to shed weight. There are various benefits of water exercise. This workout mixes both exercise and pleasure. This activity lasts for about 40 to 50 minutes. It is mostly done in chest deep water. There are various kinds of exercises involving both legs and arms. This also conditions the cardiovascular muscles and also gives flexibility and strength and leads to better muscles in the body.

Advantages of Water Aerobics

Following are some of the advantages of water aerobics –

  • Provides Buoyancy and Support

    a�� This is one of the major advantage of water aerobics as it provides buoyancy and support to the body. It provides less risk of injury to body bones, muscles and joints. 80% of your body weight is supported by water. Hence, it causes less strain to back, torso and joints as compared to exercises done on land.

  • Improved Flexibility

    a�� There is less gravitational force in water and hence it improves flexibility in the body. It makes the joints move easily. You can perform exercise without any kind of anxiety as there are no joint pains.

  • Quick Muscular Endurance

    a�� Water has high density as compared to air, which causes increased resistance and hence tones the body. Thus, water aerobics tones up the muscles.

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

    a�� It is the best way for cardiovascular conditioning. In this workout, heart beat is maintained at lower rates as compared to cycling and running.

  • Helps Keep Cool

    a�� This activity overall re-freshens the body and lifts up the mood. Water aerobics maintains the constant temperature throughout the activity.

  • Burns calories

    a�� Water activity is more effective in burning calories as compared to exercise performed on land. This exercise makes the loss of 450 to 700 calories per hour. Water aerobics can be the best option if you want to burn extra kilos.

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