Water Jogging a�� Benefits and Equipments for Water Jogging

Water jogging is beneficial for those people who have got injury due to some reasons or are undergoing rehabilitation. The exercise is also vital for pregnant women and obese people. Jogging in water can build up lean muscles.

The activities in water are associated with minimal injuries to the body. This is because water gives buoyancy and acts as a cushion for the body. Water jogging is getting popular these days. It is also a great workout for summers.

Benefits of Water Jogging

There are several water jogging exercises which are as follows –

  • It gives less stress on joints.
  • It is a weight less exercise.
  • Intensity can be changed by speed alteration and size of movements.
  • From all directions, water provides resistance.
  • Resistance of water burns more calories but depends on technique.
  • Water jogging builds up lean muscles in the body and also causes weight loss.
  • One benefit of water jogging is enhanced body posture and stronger heart.
  • Improved flexibility and strength with increased energy level and improved blood circulation.

Water Jogging Equipment

Following water jogging techniques would be needed –

  • A proper fitting swimsuit.
  • An aqua jogger belt or other floatation belt.
  • This belt could suspend you at shoulder level and allows free movement for jogging.
  • Water body – Swimming pool or a lake.
  • A water proof stopwatch.
  • Water runners for feet.

Water Jogging Exercise:

The exercise should be done in the following described way –

  • Warm up for 5minutes by treading the water with your arms and legs slowly.
  • Start jogging with floating equipment and go into deeper water.
  • Keep your shoulder and back straight and jog for 5 minutes and switch for running pace for 10 minutes.
  • Start performing sprints to add intensity to workout and also make your motions longer while kicking your feet up till buttocks height.
  • Sprint for 5 minutes.
  • Again, return to normal running for 5 minutes.
  • Now, water jog for another 3 minutes and slowly return to normal walk.
  • Remove your floatation device.
  • To cool down, keep swimming at a slow pace for 2-3 minutes.

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